chatGPT: what is chatGPT,how to use chatGPT

chatGPT: what is chatGPT,how to use it: ChatGPT: Know what is ChatGPT: How to use ChatGPT Nowadays there are many discussions about ChatGPT. The full name of Chat GPT in English language is Chat Generative Pretrend Transformer. It is built with open artificial intelligence technology which is a kind of chat bot. The question is whether Google will be needed after ChatGPT?

Nowadays, many of our tasks are becoming easier due to artificial intelligence and new inventions around the world. For some time now, the arrival of ChatGPT has created a buzz. Chatbot ChatGPT, equipped with AI technology, was launched last year in November 2022 and in just 2 months its number of users reached 100 million and became the fastest growing application in the history of the Internet. Despite such tremendous popularity and success, chatGPT has been buzzing. Because it is believed to be threatening many jobs.


What is Chat GPT?

The full name of Chat GPT in English language is Chat Generative Pretrend Transformer. It is built by Open Artificial Intelligence and is a type of chat bot. It will work on artificial intelligence technology only because of artificial intelligence. According to the received information, you can easily talk through it in word format and you can get answers to any kind of questions instantly. It can also be said if we call it a kind of search engine.

Chat GPT has just been launched some time ago. Therefore, it is currently only available internationally for use in the English language. However, going forward, other languages may be added. Any question you write in this technology, the answer to that question is provided to you in detail by Chat GPT. It is launched on 30 November in the year 2022 and its official website is Its user base has reached nearly 2 million so far.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are likely to create 97 million new jobs by 2025, according to a report by the World Economic Forum. Meanwhile, there are growing fears that ChatGPT’s AI is capable of responding to prompts and questions in a very human-like manner and in record time, and could pose a threat to the job market. However, a global consulting firm says there is a need to move away from thinking that robots are taking away human jobs.

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