How to Claim Motor Accident Insurance Without Lawyer in India

How To Claim (Settle) Motor (A Car) Accident Insurance Without Lawyer In India: According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, having automobile insurance is a legal necessity. Every automobile on Indian roads is legally insured.

This insurance policy comes in helpful in the event of an automobile accident. In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, an auto insurance claim is filed. The following are three different types of vehicle insurance claims:

How To Claim (Settle) Motor (A Car) Accident Insurance Without Lawyer In India


Third-party claims

When your automobile injures or kills a third party or damages their property, you may be liable for third-party claims.

Own damage claims

when it’s only your automobile that has been harmed. You slam your car into a tree or a light pole, for example.

Both third-party and own damage claim

If you harm or damage another person’s property, your automobile will also be damaged.

Theft of the car

Theft claims are filed after the vehicle has been stolen.

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How to Claim Motor Accident Insurance Without Lawyer in India?

If your vehicle is stolen or involved in an accident, you must follow a specific procedure to file a claim. Here are the measures to take in each to claim insurance. “How To Claim (Settle) Motor (A Car) Accident Insurance Without Lawyer In India”

In case of accidents

In case of accidents

  • If you face an accident and want to make a claim, call the toll-free number on your policy copy immediately. Inform the insurance company’s call center of the policy number and the details of the accident.
  • Once the claim has been notified, you must drive your car to the nearest network garage of the insurance provider for a cashless claim settlement. The call center crew will offer network garage information, and if you need to file a reimbursement claim, you may take your car to any local workshop at your leisure.
  • An accident report is required if a third party is injured or if the accident is significant. FIRs must be filed even if Good Carrying Vehicles are involved.
  • A surveyor will come to the garage to inspect the damage and provide the go-ahead to begin the repairs.
  • In the case of a Passenger may Carrying Vehicle or a Goods Carrying Vehicle. Thus, you must complete the claim form and submit it to the workshop. In addition, also include a copy of the policy. And the RC Driving Licence of the driver who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. Lastly, a copy of all other vehicle documents.
  • The insurance company settles any third-party claims, if any, depending on the decisions of the motor accidents tribunal.
  • The insurance company covers the invoices with the workshop once the repairs are completed. You may be required to pay a portion of the claim. Your car can be picked up once all of the expenses have been paid.

If your car is stolen

  • Immediately notify your insurance carrier about the theft.
  • An FIR should be filed immediately in the event of theft.
  • After that, you must claim with the insurance company. You must send the RC book, a copy of the FIR, a copy of your driver’s license, the RTO notification, and the policy paper.
  • You’ll need to transfer the car’s RC book to the insurance company, as well as a letter of subrogation transferring all ownership rights to the insurance company.
  • The IDV is paid as a claim once these processes have been completed.
  • Car insurance claims come in a variety of shapes and sizes. “How To Claim (Settle) Motor (A Car) Accident Insurance Without Lawyer In India”
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There are Two Sorts of Car Insurance Claims: Cashless and Reimbursement. Here’s What These Assertions Are:

Check the eligibilities before going for a lawyer.

Cashless claims

With cashless claims, you get your automobile fixed at your favorite workshop, and the workshop mails the invoices to the insurance company once it’s ready. The insurance company assumes no responsibility.

All you have to do now is pay the difference and pick up your car (Difference Amount = Total Bill Amount – Insurance Co Liability Share). “How To Claim (Settle) Motor (A Car) Accident Insurance Without Lawyer In India”

Reimbursement claims

If your automobile is fixed at a non-networked garage, you must pay the whole bill amount, take custody of your vehicle, and provide original bills to the surveyor after the repair work is done.

The insurance company will reimburse the authorized amount via NEFT to the insured’s account 8 to 10 working days after receiving the bill.

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How to Claim Motor Accident Insurance Without Lawyer in India, There are a Few Things to Keep in Mind.

The claim can be resolved quickly if all of these factors are considered. The following are some factors to keep in mind while filing a claim: “How To Claim (Settle) Motor (A Car) Accident Insurance Without Lawyer In India”

  • Excess
  • Exclusions
  • Depreciation
  • Preferred garage
  • Loss of No Claim discount
  • Documents required
  • Using add-ons

How Can You File a Claim if You Don’t Have a Driver’s License OR an RC Book?

It’s possible that you won’t have a good RC book for the car at some point. When you buy a new automobile and apply for registration, for example, it may take some time before you receive an RC book. Alternatively, unforeseen events may cause you to lose your RC book.

Aside from the RC book, there are times when you may not have a valid driver’s license. For example, if you’re learning to drive to apply for a permit and you have an accident, you won’t be able to file a claim since you don’t have a legal driver’s license. Similarly, filing a claim if you lose your driver’s license would be tough.

Many insurance companies provide a loss of RC add-on to safeguard against financial loss caused by the loss of the RC book or the driver’s license. If you lose your RC book or driver’s license, this add-on compensates you so you can apply for a duplicate. This add-on is advantageous because:

  • It foots the bill for a duplicate RC book or driver’s license.
  • Protects you financially if you misplace your RC book or driver’s license.
  • It can make dealing with your claim a lot easier.

If you lose your RC book or driver’s license, you must file a police report immediately. In addition, you need to apply to your local RTO for a duplicate RC book or driver’s license. You would have to file an insurance claim without a driver’s license or RC book in the event of an accident. You can submit the police report and your RTO application for a duplicate RC book or license. A claim for auto insurance would be settled based on these papers without a license or RC book.

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Tips on How to Claim Motor Accident Insurance Without Lawyer in India

To make a successful claim, you must adhere to the vehicle insurance claim requirements. However, while following the stated vehicle insurance claim guidelines, the following car insurance advice will help to make the claim procedure go more smoothly:

  • Keep a copy of your auto insurance policy with you at all times. Like your RC Book and PUC certificate, the insurance certificate is a one-page document that you should maintain in the automobile.
  • If you have a claim, notify your insurer right away. This will assist you in registering your claim. You may also check the status of your claim using the claim registration number.
  • Keep all claim-related documentation with you at all times. Make a copy of any papers you submit for your records as well.
  • If you have any questions about the claim procedure, call the insurance company’s claim helpline. The firm will walk you through the process and assist you in filing a successful claim. “How To Claim (Settle) Motor (A Car) Accident Insurance Without Lawyer In India”

When Does a Claim Get Rejected?

Your auto insurance claim may be denied. The following are some examples of this:

  • When a dispute arises as a result of your carelessness
  • There is no evidence that an accident occurred
  • You give inaccurate or misleading information when making a purchase
  • When you don’t correctly complete the claim procedure
  • If you submit a claim for a cost that is not covered by your insurance
  • If the required papers don’t accompany the claim form, the claim will be denied.
  • When filing a claim takes longer than expected
  • The claim is filed when the policy lapses.

When a Claim is Denied, What Should You Do?

If your automobile insurance claim is denied, you might pursue the following steps:

  • Check to see if you filed a claim for coverage that wasn’t covered. If such were the case, you would be responsible for the claim.
  • Ensure that all the essential papers are submitted if the claim is rejected because the correct documentation was not provided. Find out what documentation the insurance provider needs and send them in. Also, keep any original bills relating to your car’s repairs after a claim. The insurance provider may also request these bills.
  • Try to figure out where you went wrong if you didn’t follow the proper claim procedure. Make the necessary corrections and proceed with the correct process for filing an auto insurance claim.
  • Complete the claim procedure as soon as possible if there is a delay. Inform the company of the delay’s cause. Keep all documentation on hand so that the claim procedure may be completed quickly.
  • There is no way out in the case of an expired policy. Your claim would be denied, and you would be responsible for the cost. To avoid claim rejection in the future, try renewing your auto insurance policy on schedule every time.
  • If you feel the claim was denied unfairly for any other reason, you can file a complaint with the company’s internal grievance handling department. If the company’s grievance handling department does not satisfy you. You can file a complaint with the IRDA, the insurance ombudsman, or the consumer forum.
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Conclusion (How to Claim Motor Accident Insurance Without Lawyer in India)

This is all about “How To Claim (Settle) Motor (A Car) Accident Insurance Without Lawyer In India”. We hope now you are clear about the eligibility of an accident. Thus, you should consult and hire a lawyer wisely.

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