Mobile Data Tips: How to save mobile data

Mobile Data Tips: Now days everyone is using smartphone and they get limited data every day. Which is usually around 1.5 GB or 2 GB per day. Throughout the day various apps, game apps, and video apps like YouTube are used up quickly. Then in the evening when you are free many problems arise as there is no data quota. Let us know today how you can save this mobile data.

Mobile Data Tips

Mobile Data Tips How to save mobile date
Mobile Data Tips How to save mobile data

How to save Mobile Data

Any apps should be updated only when WiFi is available.

An important way to reduce mobile data usage is to turn off automatic app updates. You can also select Do not auto update apps for that. App update whenever free Wi-Fi facility is available.

Set daily data usage limit in settings.

We can set a limit limit on how much data to use per day in smart phone.? For this go to settings and click on data usage. In addition, it will also give an alert through notification after using up to the daily limit.


Adjust the resolution of any video while watching it online

We watch a lot of videos online. Also, we watch online matches during cricket matches. Instead of keeping the video resolution in high quality, it should be kept in medium or auto mode.

Turn off video-photo auto-download in Whatsapp and Facebook

Since videos and photos are automatically downloaded in apps like Whatsapp and Facebook, a lot of our data is used in them. For this auto download option should be kept off. So that unnecessary videos or photos are not downloaded.

Keep only necessary notifications on. Turn off notifications of non-essential apps.

In all the apps installed in our phones, notifications are coming throughout the day. In which a lot of data is used. Notifications of non-essential apps should be turned off.

Offline apps should be used as far as possible.

Many such apps. which can be used both offline and online. Such apps should be used offline so that unnecessary data is not consumed.

  • Always use lite version apps only.
  • Enable the Restrict Background Data setting.

In our Android smartphones, applications running in the background consume the most data even when they are not in use. For this you have to go to the settings of the phone and that app. So by restricting background data you can save data. That is, these apps will open only when you use the app, otherwise it will remain closed.

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