Noodles Making video: How to make noodles Video

Noodles Making video: How to make noodles Video: Noodle lovers beware: In today’s fast era, people love fast food like noodles, Maggi. Nowadays, noodles are very popular as they are ready quickly. A few days ago, a video of how raw noodles are prepared in a factory is going viral on social media. In this video, the process of preparing the noodles is difficult and some people may not like it. Some people are commenting after watching the video that they will never eat noodles again in their life after today.

What is in this video of noodles? Noodles making video

This video of ‘Noodles making process’ has been shared on social media platform Twitter. This video of only 59 seconds has been viewed more than 2 lakh times, while this video has also been liked by many people.

Noodles Making video
Noodles Making video

This video seems to have been made in a small factory. In the video, various laborers are seen preparing the noodles. People working in the factory put it in a mixer to knead the dough. It is then cut into thin threads using a rolling machine.


In this video, it can be seen that during the process of making noodles, none of the laborers take care of cleanliness or wear any gloves in their hands. In this video you will see how raw noodles are made in an unhygienic manner. They are handled by hand several times throughout the entire process, from kneading the flour to the finished raw noodles. Not only this, it is also kept in a dirty looking container. After boiling, the noodles are thrown anywhere on the ground until someone packs them in a plastic bag and the noodles remain on the ground.

After watching this video of noodles making, a user wrote that ‘Kasam hai tumko agar momoz ki kabhi manufacturing’. One user wrote, ‘These noodles will definitely cause diarrhoea’, while another wrote, ‘This is terrible’. The concerned officer should investigate it.

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